Welcome Polish Visitors from Zdunska Wola

We welcomed 10 Polish Headteachers and Teachers to our school this week.


Our native speakers, Jakub, Wiktoria and Julia gave them a very comprehensive tour of our school acting as confident translators.

The Polish teachers were particularly interested in the teaching and learning in our early years classes. Mrs Thombs explained and Jakub, Wiktoria and Julia ably translated.


Our Reception and Y1 pupils sang to the visitors as they enjoyed a traditionally English ‘Cream Tea’. The visitors jumped up to join in with a Polish song and dance with the children that Marton’s music teacher of Polish ancestry had previously taught our pupils.


We were pleased to make the visitors welcome and hope that they have learned much from our school.

The Global Gang

Marton has a new pupil group who are leading on all things international and global.

They are the ‘Global Gang’. They’d like to hear from you!

We are the Global Gang

global gang

They have some questions:

Ember wants to know what energy-saving methods you use at your school.

Olivia is wondering if you know how much electricity you use at school in a day?

Using our data from the solar panels, in winter we use about 50-60 kWh per day.

In summer we use about 30-40kwh per day.

Chinese New Year 春节

We celebrated the Spring Festival and Year of the Monkey with a special assembly from East Midlands British Council Ambassador Mr Chris Williams.


The whole school enjoyed noodles using chopsticks that Mr Stephenson brought back from China.

Our partner school: Lubei Foreign Language Experimental Primary School

image  image

Outside the campus. A sense of anticipation and a very warm welcome.

image  image


In clear English, two school ambassadors briefly introduce their global themed entrance.

image  image

The corridor is lined with flags –  a school competition challenges the pupils to learn and remember as many as possible.

image  image

Outside every classroom a digital screen displays the class rules, class activities and successes.

image  image   image image

Corridors each have a theme: the ancient Chinese dynasties as well as modern interactive areas including a listening station, an earthquake simulator and hands on science learning.

image  imageimage image

The Earthquake Simulation room teaching children how to stay safe and about the science behind natural disasters.

image image

The library bringing a sense of the outdoors inside. Pupils prepare food for the English visitor in the kitchen classroom.

image  image

The 3D printing room.

image  image

Being scanned for a 3D print out and above right a 3D printing display.

image image

Pupils bring in their used books to swap with each other.


Pupils are proud of their heritage. Confucius – a source of inspiration in the west too.

image  image

The flag raising ceremony – a ritual each Monday morning at Lubei. The whole school of 1’300 pupils gather together to sing patriotic songs.


The EnglishHeadteacher of Marton Primary is asked to give a speech at the ceremony.

image image

Chinese professional development. The lesson observation room where lessons are filmed and used to improve teaching.

image image

The Marton headteacher participates in a moral education lesson.

Above right: Growth Mindset messages pervade the classes and corridors.

image image

Above and below – a musical celebration at Lubei’s second campus.

image image

Great performances of songs and dances dazzle the English visitor.

image image

A photograph with the English faculty after the English Headteacher has taught the 1’700 pupils a traditional children’s English song.

image image

Sharing photos of Marton School and receiving a gift of a Chinese lantern.

Learning from Chinese Kindergarten learning approaches

During our British Council visit to Tangshan as part of the Connecting Classrooms project, we were privileged to observe excellent early years practice at a kindergarten.

IMG_3375   IMG_3378

Developing fine-motor skills, concentration and perseverance through pottery, painting and paper mache.

IMG_3379   IMG_3380   IMG_3381   IMG_3384

Displaying and celebrating the children’s work.

IMG_3394  IMG_3395  

IMG_3388   IMG_3389

A construction room where children are taught to model make on a large scale. This is a model of the famous South Lake Park in Tangshan. The above model includes the highways as well. These activities are developing spacial awareness, fine-motor skills and balance.

IMG_3391   IMG_3393

The children performed songs, dances and even excerpts from the Ping Opera.

IMG_3399   IMG_3400   IMG_3401

Marton welcomes Li Yue Fen from Tangshan Foreign Language Experimental Primary School

Strengthening partnerships, relationships, collaboration and cooperation through the British Council’s Connecting Classrooms ProjectIMG_2889  IMG_2878   IMG_2880   IMG_2883

Mrs Li taught playground games, Chinese numbers, animals connected to Chinese Years and a Chinese Song.

Mrs Li attended our summer music celebration and learned about our heritage trail.

We shared approaches to teaching and learning in mathematics and talk4writing.

IMG_2849   IMG_2852

We created 3D Chinese Dragons

photo 1   IMG_2844